Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Averaging 2 Goals

I must admit I am having a difficult time taking pictures of Aiden's playing. There I was with the big camera and big lens at the ready, and as Aiden came in on the opponent's net, I was so busy watching his sweet goal that I forgot to take the picture. Today, he played the House League team coached by his Rep Team coach, so there was a bit of pressure. Aiden is the sweeper so his job is to defend his goalie, and if opportunity presents, he can take it all the way up the field. If there is a player to pass to, he should make the pass. So, it is not easy to get those goals. Click here to see a couple more pics of this game.
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oshawa Fiesta Week

Each year Oshawa hosts a multicultural week in which about 14 cultures are represented. I like to visit the Ukranian pavillion since I really like the food and entertainment. I took Anton with me and we both had a good time. With my new camera and lens, I was able to capture the action using existing light. The pictures are quite dramatic. Click here to see more pictures of the traditional dancers getting air time.
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Monday, 21 June 2010

Lexy Comes to Visit

She's not three years old, yet in some ways she has the mannerisms of a 30 year old. Lexy is all girl and does not care to get engaged in the physical contests that the boys do in soccer. She is simply the princess and as we all know, a princess can use her charms to get what she wants. Look at that smile ! How can you say no?
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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hard To Slow Down

Quinten again dominates his team's scoring and I guess this little scoring machine was getting the best of the opponent team's coach. So the opponent coach would stand in Quinten's path to the goal, take the ball and shoot it to the far end, stand in goal even. Fortunately Quinten took this as a challenge (his grandpa didn't) and Quinten would go around him and still score.
I have a few pics of Quinten trying to get around this very very large coach, a picture of Quinten and Lexy in front of our flowers in the front yard, and finally a unique label for a bottle of Shiraz wine .... can you think of the name? It has just 2 letters. Click here for the link to the pictures and the answer.
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tough Slugging

As I have mentioned, Aiden's job is that of the sweeper. He is on the defensive line that is tasked to stop the advancing opponent, then take the ball up the outside and pass if someone is in position to receive the pass. If not, then he has free licence to go in for the goal. So really if he is going to score a goal, he has to make his way through traffic the length of the field pretty much on his own. Today's opponents have an impressive win record and some of their forwards were a bit taller and pretty darned quick. Aiden was unable to get that one step lead on them. What worked is the passing as Aiden's team started to pass a bit more, spread out a bit more, and play position a bit more and I think that made all the difference in today's game. Click here to see about 10 more photos. In spite of the long runs required, he did get 2 goals.
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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tied to a Boat Anchor

You may have wondered what happens when guys in construction have a stag for one of their own about to get married. Well, in concrete terms he is reminded of the changing lifestlye by having a boat anchor chained to his foot. Next they organize tests of skills that are appropriate for a crew of this nature ... a contest to see who can drive 3 four inch spikes into a timber fastest. Last time it was Luigi, Frank's father who won ( slow steady accuracy is important). Frank was beside himself when he lost to his best friend Don ( an auto mechanic no less). In the slide show you will see what is no doubt the bigggggest smile of the evening on Terry's face when he got to take a 3 litre friend home with him. Click here to see a few more pics.
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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Father's Day Treat

Sometimes dads are very busy and a grandfather has to pinch-hit. Quinten's pre-school was having a celebration for Fathers Day and I was invited to the event. We had cheese, crackers, cake and apple slices along with refreshments - juice for the kids and coffee for the adults. The kids were great and sang Skinna Ma Rinky for us as well as their ABC's. Quinten was excited and found himself all wrapped up in his shirt. There were several creations he had made for 'Dad' and we brought them home for Frank. Click here to see a few more pics of Quinten celebrating.
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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Quinten Goes Head to Head

Quinten had to settle for fewer goals this time. He was up against a team that had 2 pretty strong players that could handle the ball pretty well. In spite of that, he managed to get some pretty good runs in and score a few. At one time he ran smack into another player as they both banged heads and fell to the ground. No medics at this level - send in the mom squad and after a few tears and a couple of generous size hugs, they're back in the game again. Click here to see 10 pics of his playing.
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Sweeper Cleans Up

Aiden played his house league soccer this evening and from all counts, he had a ball. His role is sweeper a defensive position just in front of his own net. From there he waits and pounces when the ball gets close into his zone. Aiden has great speed and close in footwork with the ball, so often takes the ball down the field by himself. Today, he made a couple passes in front of the net - something we have been working on. Click here to see about 10 more pics of his game.
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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

While the boys are out learning to throw a spiral with the football, Lexy is having a manicure to be ready for her mom's shower tomorrow. She loves getting her nails done - just sitting there looking pretty and chatting away just like one of the girls in a salon. Outside it was a different story as the boys wanted to learn how to throw spirals as well as catch a pass from Papa while running. Click here to see more pics of the CFL tryouts on the front lawn, while the cheerleader element was getting pretty on the inside of the home.
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Friday, 4 June 2010

66th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday was a special anniversary for Ken and Doreen - any anniversary over 60 is special so we took them out to dinner along with Doreen's sisters Nancy and Eileen accompanied by her husband John. Hobarts in Lindsay is a very nice place  and the food this night was delightful. Afterwards, we returned to the happy couple's abode for anniversary cake. There we were joined by Wenda's cousin Jan and her daughter Darcy. Click here to see a couple more pics of the evening.
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quinten's First Game

I do not know why Quinten takes the game so seriously, but before his 3 on 3 event started he said he was going to score 22 goals. Maybe it is because he is allowed to participate in the practice sessions for Aiden's soccer team, but he seemed quite determined. At about 13 goals, there was 4 on his squad so he had to sit out on the next shift - not a happy camper. So it is little wonder when I come over to visit the grandkids I am often flung in to an impromptu game that pits me against Quinten and Aiden - they are too fast for me. Click here to see more pics of Quinten playing.
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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Three Goals Today

It was Aiden's first game of the summer season last evening. It is also the first time that coaches are not allowed on the playing field along with the players. Aiden had a huge cheering crowd with both his grandmothers, his aunt Lisa, parents, siblings Lexy and Quinten and of course me. Click here to see a slideshow of the game.
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