Sunday, 31 December 2006

Sister in Law

Janet Kirby is my sister in law, though she has not been with my brother for 6 years. It was good to reconnect with her as we have many shared life experiences. As our kids grow up and leave the nest, we all enter a new phase in our lives. I wish Janet the best for the new year and many more in the future.
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Saturday, 30 December 2006

The Fire Next Door

This fire occurred just 3 doors down from our house. Naturally, I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I was surprised that with 5 trucks and about 20 or more firefighters there, it took so long to get water on the fire.

If you take a close look, the hose is still not charged with water and the fireman seems to be calling for it.

I sold this picture to the local media and it appeared in colour in the Clarington edition of the newspaper.

The father with his two and three year olds escaped the fire because a passerby saw the smoke and banged on the door to alert them. We are still not sure if the insurance will cover their costs as there was a wood stove installed in the garage.

It All Starts Here

December 28, 2006 my friend of 26 years Olli and I went out for dinner at a German - Hungarian restaurant. As is the custom of people that have shared a good deal of time together, we reminissed about the times of old.

Since we first became friends we entered teaching and are in our second marriages. We have a lot of common ground that we have covered together. Yet, we are at another turn in the road as we both approach the age at which we could retire. We are both peering through that door without a very good idea of what is on the other side.