Saturday, 31 January 2009

Quinten's Birthday


Quinten's Birthday started off with a skating party on the pond behind his new home. Eventhough this was the first time for him on skates, he showed himself to be amazingly nimble. The snow was falling steadily, and we all had to pitch in to keep the snow off the pond. Later we retired to his grandmother' Carmella's for her home made Italian pizza and some birthday cake. By the time all the gifts had been opened, all of the kids and most of the adults were very tired. All in all it was a happy day for a birthday party. Click here to see more pictures of the skating and party.
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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Lexy and Quinten Visit


Gramy and Grampy stayed over at our home last evening and the wee ones came over for a visit this morning. They grow up so fast and I could not resist taking a few pictures. Click here to see more of the picks from this morning.
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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Skating on the Pond


There is nothing like having a pond in the back yard to skate on. I took Aiden out to the pond at the new house across the street from where they presently live. He just loves skating on the pond and what kid wouldn't. He was later joined by Quinten, mom, dad, and his other grandfather Luigi. Click here to see more pictures of the pond.
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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Test Image for School Website


I take many of the photographs that go into the school yearbook. I also manage the school website. Click here to see the website. I setup and took the cover page for it in December. I did a test shot of a new image I want to do with the students, but with Wenda as my test model - that is the image you see here. It required taking several shots and using photoshop to put it all together.
My new super duper computer fried its hard disk, so I am back on the old machine plunking away at something less than warp speed.
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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Drifting Out to Sea


Each year on New Years Day, I take photos of the annual Polar Bear Swim that takes place in our town. So this year there was an ice buildup along the shore, much like you see in the photo above. I took a position on one of those ice ledges a half hour before the swim was about to start. I was the only one out there. As the time for the start approached, 60 people came out on the ice. A 10 year old boy positioned himself next to me and started chatting me up, when all of a sudden two large pieces that we were standing on broke free and started to drift into the lake. One hand on my camera and the other on the collar of the boy to keep him from falling in. We managed to get back onto the main ice formation before the little iceburg drifed out into the middle of Lake Ontario. The kid came back later and said, "Thanks for saving me." Nice kid. I got a boot full of icy water for the experience.

Click here to see the brave souls jumping into the 0 degree C lake.
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