Saturday, 26 May 2007

Unintentional Flip

Aiden was sitting on his trampoline while others were bouncing. The combined bounce of two others suddenly launched him airborne into a backward flip. Shaken but not stirred for a few minutes.

It was a wonderful day for Aiden's birthday party. Not too much sun and not too hot or cold. There were plenty of activities for the kids and lots of space for them to roam around.

More pictures of the party will be posted on the Family 2007 site - a link is located in the right hand column of this website.
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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Michaela and mom Amanda

Today, Wenda's neice Amanda dropped by for a visit. Michaela is nearly two years old and enjoyed playing with Aiden and Quinten today. Our back yard is well suited for entertaining kids as she enjoyed the slides, sandbox and a ride on Aiden's tractor.
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Learning to Write

Aiden is getting a lesson in printing at our kitchen table. He is printing his name so that it can be put on a gift for a birthday party he attended this day.
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